Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pithead Miniatures - Chinese Infantry Pack Composition

Yes, I am behind in getting the land war portion of this dual project moving forward.  I've had these blasted Pithead Chinese for a couple of months now, and until today hadn't done a darn thing with them.  So today I did open all four packs and sorted out the poses to take a look at what a pack comprises of (in this case all four packs are code NK1 - Chinese Winter Infantry Korea - each pack contains thirty-five figures).

Picture from Pithead Miniatures website
After sorting all four packs, I realized that there is not much rhyme or reason to what figures are included, other than you will receive at least one of each pose.  This may be troublesome to some, but since I have four packs (do I really need 140 Chinese?) the total numbers came out just fine.  One will receive officers, buglers, riflemen, figures with submachineguns, and at least two light machinegunners, within each pack.  I have nine light machinegunners, thirteen officers, and eleven buglers, the remaining figures are riflemen and submachinegunners.  Perhaps not the ideal mix, but plenty to work with.  I think I will be placing a bugler and an officer on each command stand, depending on what rules I go with (next post I will go into rules a bit).  Regardless, being that the figures are 10mm, most likely the figures are going to be mounted a few to each stand.  

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  1. They look good. Tempting to buy, but I think I'd get more value out of summer Chinese.


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