Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Check Your 6! Game Day - Updated!

Check Your 6 and Check Your 6 Jet Age Game Day, June 28, 2014

From Tom Oxley....

Meet at the National Museum of the US Air Force as they open at 9:00 a.m. and wander through the museum – those who want to take a shuttle bus to the Presidential and Research & Development hanger should get signed in for that as soon as we get in to avoid missing a morning run.

Meet for lunch in the museum cafeteria at 11:30 for a quick lunch, then take time in the museum gift shop to look at toys, books and stuff there.

At around 1:00 p.m., we will head to Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1541 South Smithville Road and start setting up games, and start rolling the dice as soon as possible thereafter. 


Click on picture for a larger version
Tentatively there are eight games scheduled: four World War II (Battle of Britain, Rabaul, Guadalcanal, and the Med), one Korean War, one '56 Arab-Israeli, one '65 Indo-Pakistani, and one Iran-Iraq War).

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pithead Miniatures - New Releases!

Oh my!  Phil from Pithead Miniatures was kind enough to send me photos of the new Korean War releases this weekend, and these little gems should whet your appetite to start gaming this war in 10mm!  As mentioned in a previous post, Pithead will be coming out with not only Chinese support weapons, but also Americans and British, infantry and support weapons, in winter gear (actually, one can order these figures now).  This just might push me over the edge and go full bore into 10mm (well, I was 90% there anyway).  I really think those 15mm Eureka North Koreans are excellent castings, but as Pithead has released these additional figures, ones that I can use for perfectly for Fox Hill, then I no longer see a reason to ponder 10mm vs. 15mm.

Having a manufacturer committed to an obscure range, in a figure scale, while popular, is far from as common as 15mm, is a blessing that we should take advantage of.  I encourage all of you who have an interest in gaming the Korean War to please go to Phil's site and place orders for these figures.  Financial commitment (in this case via sales) will (hopefully) allow Phil to keep releasing more figures for this war.  It is my wish to see him add to the range with Americans and North Koreans in summer uniform, as I want to game some of the actions around the Pusan Perimeter as well.

The pics:

British Infantry

British Support

Chinese Support

American Infantry

American Support

Phil mentioned to me that he is also working on an M26 Pershing, a Sherman Easy 8, and a Centurion.  What, you still here?  Go place an order (then come back and say nice things about my blog)!

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Air War - Part II: Deciding on Scale and Rules


MiG-15s - GHQ above, Raiden below
 Wow, there certainly are a lot of options when it comes to 1/285th and 1/300th scale aircraft for the Korean War, much more than I had initially expected.  That is a grand thing, having a half dozen or so companies to choose from (that variety being the spice of life thing).  It also has allowed me to decide that while these two scales are close in size and decently compatible on the table top, I can go with strictly 1/285th aircraft so that my aircraft match perfectly, as opposed to just closely.

Why else am I able to focus on just 1/285th aircraft? There are several reasons.  First, the variety of U.S. and Soviet aircraft covered:

B-29 Superfortress - Raiden
F-84F Thunderjet - Raiden
F-86 Sabre - GHQ, Raiden
F4U Corsair - CinC, GHQ, Raiden
F9F-2 Panther - Raiden
MiG-15 - GHQ, Raiden
P-51D - Raiden
Yak-9 - GHQ

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